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The Ice Diamond Premium Vodka is reminiscent of how vodkas were produced hundreds of years ago. It still looks absolutely contemporary and lives up to even the highest expectations.

The quadruple distillation gives a smooth, wonderfully pure and crystal clear structured character to the Ice Diamond Premium Vodka, which might envy so many fellow campaigners. The result is a premium vodka which is presented by elegant aroma and taste, in an understated way and perfectly balanced. It is almost neutral with only subliminal hints of alcohol and cereal.

For mixing the Ice Diamond Premium Vodka is almost too good, though he quite manages to reach its full potential. You should probably enjoy it pure or "on the rocks". The Vodka from Uzbekistan does not only score with his unmistakable, natural taste experience but also with its unusual appearance.

The bottle is black, so the silver lettering and fine diamond show excellent to advantage. Thereby the Ice Diamond attracts lot of attention, which he deserves.

Alcohol: 40.0% vol

Available in 0.5 ltr. , 0.7 ltr. and 1.0 ltr. bottles




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